i’ve always loved makeup. it’s colorful, it’s shimmery, and it’s constantly changing with seasonal trends and fashion influences. but at some point in my early twenties, my face begged for something more that my drugstore concealer and carmex just weren’t capable of providing. and then i met holly, a mary kay beauty consultant (now she’s a sales director) and started using the products that changed my life, skin, and view of beauty.

mineral eye shadows in crystalline and azure, bold berry mineral cheek color, and color me coral true dimensions lipstick

mary kay ash started her business in 1963 as a way to empower women in the sales force. her beauty education classes went hand-in-hand with training, cinderella prizes (because she believed women would just spend cash compensation on utility bills or something practical instead of treating themselves to jewelry, cars, etc), and personal growth; mary kay products are backed by science and research,and i am so proud to be a part of a company that has retained mary kay’s original vision for helping women – both consultants and consumers – become better versions of themselves, whether financially, professionally, or cosmetically. i am not looking to replace my full- time job; however, i am seeking a challenge and a creative outlet that “working” 40 hours a week does not provide.

absolutely love her winged purple eyeliner!

mary kay cosmetics blends classic skincare basics with trendy looks. this is makeup for your grandma. it’s also make up for your 14 year old who wants a sheer shiny lipgloss. it’s also a perfume for your mom and eye cream for your dad. and mint bliss energizing lotion  for your feet. over 3.5 million people world-wide work for this company; think of all the people who have been touched by such a wonderful project.

as a beauty consultant, i was able to shop for my wedding makeup at a great discount and purchase some extra items like foundation primer and makeup finishing spray to complete this bridal look: neapolitan baked eye shadow trio, mineral cheek duo in poppy, and crème lipstick in sunset

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the biggest compliment you can give me is to refer me to your friends and family. maybe mary kay isn’t for you. maybe this whole blog isn’t for you. but maybe it’s for someone you know and they would glow with success and beauty.