when idahoans glibly remark that californians suck at driving in snow, i am tempted to challenge said idahoan to picnic with me, cross-legged and hatless, on the sultry, sizzling blacktop of solvang, california anytime in july — and then we can talk about things like weather (in)tolerance.

so, the morning of the first big snowfall my husband drove me to work. when i thanked him, he smiled and said, “it’s ok, i know you’re safe.”

i truly don’t deserve his love.

as i was getting out of the car, i realized i had forgotten my cellphone at home. forlorn and dejected, i rhetorically asked what i would do at lunch time without my phone.

jonathan asked, “do you want me to bring your phone for lunch? there’s no nutritional value in it though.”

my husband is many things and he is not many things: but he is definitely punny.

*sidenote: when my phone was returned to me, it had been fully charged. that is love, people.